Updates from the IgG4-TREAT consortium

Dr. Inga Koneczny on Sustainability in Woman's Career at the International Day of Women and Girls in Science event

Feb 15 2024, Vienna, AT

Our Consortium Coordinator, Dr. Inga Koneczny, delivered an inspiring talk on "Sustainability in Woman's Career" at the International Day of Women and Girls in Science Event held at the Medical University of Vienna on February 15, 2024.

Inga shared her invaluable insights and experiences as a woman in science, emphasizing the pivotal role of sustainability in scientific endeavors. Aligned with our commitment to the MSCA Green Charter, our Consortium implements various sustainable measures aimed at reducing our environmental footprint. We actively promote and encourage sustainable research at the institutional level and collaborate with green initiatives. Inga is dedicated to increasing awareness and accountability regarding the implementation of the European Green Deal. Additionally, she plays an integral part in MedUni Vienna Green Task Force which aims to reshape policies and integrate more sustainable practices across MedUni Vienna.

The event served as a stimulating platform for discussing the transition of MedUni Vienna to a Green University. Following welcoming remarks from Prof. Anita Rieder, Vice-Rector for Education at MedUni Vienna, and Assoc. Prof. Ruth Herbst, President of the Network of Women in Science for Medicine Initiative at MedUni Vienna, Assoc. Prof. Claudia Gundacker of the Institute of Medical Genetics at MedUni Vienna underscored the multifaceted practices universities can adopt in line with the European Green Deal, the United Nations' 2030 Agenda, and the Sustainable Development Goals. Dr. Michaela Fritz, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation at MedUni Vienna, provided the rectorate's perspective on ongoing and planned sustainable implementations at MedUni Vienna. Juliane Höbarth, Head of Environmental Sustainability at Kapsch TrafficCom AG, offered insights from the industry perspective on the search for green alternatives and solutions. Dr. Melina Kerou, Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Vienna and Board Member of the Green Labs Austria Initiative, highlighted the key challenges of Sustainable Life Science Research, particularly the long-term environmental impact of single-use plastics, and shared recommendations for plastic waste reduction.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Inga Koneczny for her significant contribution to the event and for representing our Consortium with excellence.Thank you to everyone who attended and showed support for Women in Science. Let's continue to champion sustainability, diversity, and inclusivity in STEM!

Thank you for your applications! - Recruitment is closed

We want to express our gratitude for your interest in our program and for taking the time to submit your applications. 

Our Recruitment Committee has thoroughly reviewed each application to ensure that all candidates receive fair and equitable consideration. All candidates have been informed on the results of their application. All positions have been filled. We sincerely wish all applicants every success in their future endeavors. 

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of IgG4-TREAT! 

Thank you for your applications! 

We want to express our gratitude for your interest in our program and for taking the time to submit your applications. We understand the anticipation of awaiting a decision, and we want to assure you that your application is receiving careful consideration by our Recruitment Committee.

Our committee is dedicated to thoroughly reviewing each application to ensure that all candidates receive fair and equitable consideration. We understand the importance of this decision in shaping your academic and professional future, and we are committed to providing a timely and thoughtful response.

At this time, we kindly ask for your patience as we continue our evaluation process. Rest assured, we will notify you of any updates or decisions regarding your application as soon as they become available.

Apply for a PhD before 31 Jan 2024!

Applications for PhD positions are now open!

The recruitment for IgG4-TREAT has officially started on 27.10.2023! 

We are looking for highly motivated and talented PhD students to contribute to groundbreaking research in the field of IgG4-autoimmune diseases. The PhD researchers will have the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive training programme in academic and industry setup.

The consortium invites applications for 10 individual, multidisciplinary research projects aimed to advance our understanding of IgG4-AID. Funding for these projects has been provided by the EU under the competitive MSCA Doctoral Networks 2022 program. The deadline for applications is set for 31/01/2024. The individual projects are set to start between 31/03/2024 and 01/09/2024.

The applicants are required to meet the eligibility criteria of the MSCA Doctoral Networks Program. The successful candidates will receive funding for 36 months (or 48 months if based in the Netherlands) and will become part of a vibrant network of 9 host laboratories with 7 associated partners from 7 European countries.

Join us in advancing the frontiers of IgG4-AID research and making a lasting impact on the field!

Project start and Kick-off meeting

IgG4-TREAT has officially started on 1. September 2023!

The internal Kick-off meeting will be on 21. September 9-17:00!

Horizon Europe Grant awarded to IgG4-TREAT consortium

We have successfully secured a highly endowed Doctoral Networks grant from the EU's European Research Executive Agency. The project was awarded 2.6 Mio € to foster research into IgG4-autoimmune diseases and allow the training of a new generation of enthusiastic young scientists specialized in IgG4 autoimmity! 

EU funding will nourish important research into IgG4-autoimmune diseases
EU funding will nourish important research into IgG4-autoimmune diseases
Further information: Information on MUW Website